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Dr. Vilma Biaggi – Owner

Dr. Vilma Biaggi

Dr. Vilma Biaggi was born in Argentina and has been a resident of Miami Beach since 1983. In 1986 Dr. Biaggi bought and restored the historic Cadet Hotel, the home of Pied à Terre.

There were several reasons why Dr. Biaggi opened Pied à Terre 2011. First – she wanted to provide a beautiful dining experience for her Cadet Hotel guests. Second – she is obsessed with fine food and third, she has a personal issue with gaining weight (due to her love of fine food). Yes, Dr. Biaggi is a foodie.

Before opening up her restaurant, Dr. Biaggi made it a point to travel to France and experience contemporary French cuisine first hand. She appreciated the fresh and delicate flavors of the food, the healthy preparations surprised her, she loved the smaller portions and the way that every dish was beautifully presented. She was thrilled to come back home with no extra weight.

These trips gave her a new relationship with food. Portions did not have to be huge – when the portions are smaller you can taste different menu items without the guilt. She also loved the slower pace of table service, which gave her time for conversation and relaxation.

At Pied  à Terre, Contemporary French style of cuisine is coupled with local tropical flavors, locally sourced fruits and vegetables while keeping true to the elegant tradition of French food. Dr. Biaggi even provides fresh eggs from her own naturally-fed hens.

Patrick Gruest – Food & Wine Consultant